Take a experienced journalist combine with a tech guru, a weekend of brainstorming in March 2017 and here begins the journey of Gentle Reader. Fast forward to November 2017 and we BETA launched. Summer 2018 we’re now ready to share with the world, we are LIVE and continuing work on our beautiful roadmap of features to come.


Jeremy Davies,
CEO & Co-Founder

Jeremy has held leadership positions with Philips/NXP Semiconductors, Philips Research (Software), Philips Advanced System Laboratories and Cronycle. He’s responsible for numerous patents and one of the few people worldwide to achieve the #1 position for a Paid App in the Apple Appstore!

Robert Cottrell,

After years in journalism, having served as Moscow bureau chief for both The Economist and the Financial Times, and having founded The Browser, in 2017, Robert Co-founded Gentle Reader. On average, Robert looks through about a thousand pieces of writing each day!

Yuri Karkhachev,
Chief Engineer

Yuri started developing small web apps at university as a hobby which eventually became his choice for his professional career. Yuri is fluent in 3 languages so news in all languages, I’m sure you can guess what feature he wants next ...

Georgie Love Pickle,
Office Dog

Although Georgie is not allowed in our current co-working spaces, he checks in on the team at lunch times and tea time. Georgie enjoys interrupting Alexa when she is giving her Gentle Reader flash briefing in the morning.